HHH featured in The Economist

WHEN Jamel Mims teaches young, lower-income minority students in New York, he doesn’t deploy traditional materials like a blackboard, a whiteboard or PowerPoint. He uses a microphone—turned up loud for politicised raps—and mobile phones with augmented-reality apps. Mr Mims’s “interactive hip-hop classroom” uses music as an entry point into discussions about politics, race, class and gender. Read more.

Gender Amplified Recaps Hip-Hop Hacks

We called on Gender Amplified to join us for the Beat Listening Session at Hip Hop Hacks, June 10, 2017. Producers that participated were Eboni Smith, Madli, VHVL, Pozibelle, Hank Shocklee, and Break Beat Lou.

“This is for all of the young producers. You guys, right now, have the key to the future in your hands. You can build upon the wisdom of the past and even relate to what’s happening in the future. But the thing you guys have to understand now is… networking with each other is what’s going to continue making this industry strong. Sitting around just talking about music is an important aspect. What you want to do is build a relationship. Music is spiritual, and if you connect your vibrations and your spirits together, you’ll create better art.”

Read the full recap from Gender Amplified here.

Press Release: Innovative Workshops, Hip Hop Hacks, Returns on Saturday, June 10th at Spotify in NY

Hip Hop Hacks is a celebration and exploration of the intersection of hip-hop and technology! The day will include talks from industry leaders, workshops on various topics related to hip hop, music technology, and computer science; music performances, and collaborative hacking on new projects and ideas by attendees!

MOOR Games Offers First Look at Fetty Wap’s New Mobile Game

Hip-Hop Hacks & MOOR Games Team Up To Offer An Exclusive First Look at Fetty Wap’s New Mobile Game “FETTY WAP: NITRO NATION STORIES”
This weekend attendees at Hip-Hop Hacks, a free two-day hackathon at Spotify for students to explore technology’s role in hip-hop, will be able to demo Fetty Wap’s new mobile racing app “Fetty Wap: Nitro Nation Series.”

Young Hackers and The Mixtape Museum Host Hip-Hop Hacks on Saturday, April 2nd and Sunday, April 3rd at Spotify in NY

Young Hackers and The Mixtape Museum team up to host Hip-Hop Hacks, a two-day hackathon for high school students to explore technology’s role in hip-hop and how the genre inspires technological innovation.