Hip Hop Hacks, June 10, 2017 in 60 seconds

Hip-Hop Hacks (HHH) is an initiative that explores and promotes the ways that hip-hop interacts with, and inspires technological innovation. Through a series of programs and events  HHH participants:

  • study the elements of hip-hop music and culture;
  • participate in STE(A)M and music technology-based workshops, hackathons, and discussions;
  • network with their peers, creatives, and music- and tech-industry professionals;
  • are given the opportunity to see mentorship from music- and tech-industry professionals

Since its inception, hip-hop has helped fuel technological growth in many areas, from turntables and microphones to mixtapes and music production, and now apps and algorithms. HHH builds on this legacy, by respecting, enforcing, nurturing and promoting the continuing connection between the world’s most popular genre and the next generation of technological advances.

The first Hip-Hop Hacks event took place on April 2 and 3, 2016. The hackathon, which took place at the New York headquarters of Spotify, was organized in conjunction with Young Hackers Monthly Music Hackathon. The event attracted hundreds of tech and music professionals, students, and 20+ partners/sponsors.

Additional events are being scheduled on an ongoing basis and will include hackathons, workshops, seminars, and more. For more information on Hip-Hop Hacks, write to hiphophacksedu [at] gmail.com. Learn about our events here.