The second HHH was held on June 10 at Spotify’s offices in New York City. The event was organized by R. Sommer McCoy and Adam November, Katarina Hoeger, and Jason Sigal for Monthly Music Hackathon.

Artwork: Alec Donkin
Publicity: Chrissy Borsellino


Can Hip Hop Save the World?
Manny Faces,  founder of The Center for Hip Hop Advocacy, The NY Hip Hop Report and Birthplace Magazine

Digital Humanities: Why You Must Archive Your Work in the Information Age
Martha Diaz, founder of The Hip Hop Education Center

Tuma Basa, Global Programming Head of Hip Hop at Spotify


Hip Hop, Social Media, and Mental Health
A panel discussion with Dave “Demi” Bellevue, lyricist, Oxymorrons (moderator); Ka5sh, social media guru and meme creator; Sheldon Garnett, Google;  Michael J. Heyliger, STACHE Media and Sony Red, and Keith White, lawyer and music manager

How Hip Hop Artists x Tech Founders Can Collaborate
A panel discussion with Shawn Setaro,  The Cipher and senior news editor, Complex  (moderator); Matt Bond, ceo of Treble FM; Sam Hamad, ceo of OffTop, and Victor ‘Divine’ Lombard, hip hop artist and founder of Blak Fintech

Workshops and Activities

The Beat Bang Theory
Shareef Islam/Native Instruments

Beginner Coding Workshop: Gotta Code ‘Em All
Make School

Beat Listening Session
Eboni Smith, Madli, VHVL, and Pozibelle
Gender Amplified

Breakbeat Lou, producer and DJ, Ultimate Breaks and Beats
Hank Shocklee, The Bomb Squad and Public Enemy

The Intersection of Impact, Innovation, & Entrepreneurship
Vince Randolph, founder of Sociosmith

Cache Rules Everything Around Me: Hip Hop, Journalism in the Information Age
Manny Faces, founder of the Center for Hip Hop Advocacy and award winning journalist.

DJ Demo
Breakbeat Lou

Hustling 101: How to turn your Code into Cash
Saeed Jabbar, founder of InclusionOrg students

Join the Cipher
Ed Sullivan Fellows

Off Top On Topic
Rabbi Darkside, founder of Say Word and professor, New School

Today’s Future Sound

Protecting Your Work: Patents, Trademarks, and Copyright
Lindsay Rodman, Intellectual Property and Entertainment Attorney at Davis & Gilbert LLP
Serge Krimnus, Intellectual Property Attorney from Mauriel Kapouytian Woods LLP

The Sound Lab: How Hip Hop Intersects Technology & Effects Cultures within Local Communities
Michael Peterson, author, speaker, educator, marketing expert

“What Is Artists-As-Brands Development
Alec Friedman, Redfoot Projects and Complex Networks